A Short Testimony From Godlisten

Recently one of our students from Tanzania who works in the “Bush Bush” with the Massai people was sharing with us how excited he is to get back home when the school is finished and begin passing on all that God has been showing him during this school. Godlisten is a true pioneer and like Paul, he doesn’t want to build on another man’s foundation (Romans 15:20), but go to the least reached in the remotest parts. It has been such a blessing to have him with us. We asked him to just share briefly on camera for you to meet him. (I apologize for all the cuts, it is hard to keep a preacher to two minutes 🙂 )

Help Raise $750 For A Township Pastor To Build A Home

Pastor Jeremiah, a former student of ours, & his wife Hope are expecting their first child in a few months, but are currently living in the church office in a township nearby which is a 10 X 8 foot concrete room with little privacy. The church has a shipping container and an old shack outside as you can see from the photo, and we have a team of our Bible Students who will be going next week to help turn the shack into a home. Would you consider helping us raise the $750 dollars needed in materials to make it happen? Click here to read more and watch the video below to see what we would like to fix up.

Local Pastors Share The Need

We recently saw our last group of Bible school graduates finish up their ministry time as many of them have spent the last 2 months working in a nearby township training pastors and leaders. It was so exciting to hear all the stories of what God did in and through them during that time. But what was even cooler, was to hear directly from the pastors themselves. Here is a short video that was put together by the leaders of the outreach showing the response of some of the pastors to receiving the training of our graduates. Please take a look and be blessed! If you can’t see the video click here to watch it.

Audio Newsletter Aug 25th


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Please continue to pray for our team as we are teaching here:


  • First, please take some time and ask the Lord how you should pray and pray accordingly 
  • Please pray that we can effectively communicate God’s truths across the cultural and language barriers. The 
  • We are crying out for God’s anointing as we minister and teach. Please pray that God moves powerfully during times of ministry and that lives are transformed. 
  • Please pray for the pastors and leaders who will be attending our seminars. That their hearts would be open and that they would be hungry to learn and be changed. Pray for their minds to be quick to grasp the concepts we are teaching as well. 
  • Please pray for continued good health and safety as we travel throughout Zambia 
  • Please pray for our team; that we walk in humility, unity, and God’s strength, not our own

Oct 31st Audio Update



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Please continue to pray for our team.
– pray for health and safety as we travel and live in the refugee camps
– please pray for anointing for each of us as we prepare and teach the messages God has given us
– please pray for wisdom for me as I lead this team and do my best to encourage and challenge our team as well as the pastors and leaders who come
– please pray for whatever else the Lord lays on your heart,

Thank you

A Testimony From The Killing Fields

Testimony of Van You Dany:

This is the testimony of Van You Dany, pastor Sambath’s wife. Sambath’s testimony is very similar. Almost his entire family was killed in Toul Sleng prison in Phnom Penh. This is just one example of a believer’s testimony here. There are over a million others that are similar.

1. During 1972 I got a leaflet about the good news of Christ. At that time, my family were Buddhists so they tore and burned the leaflet. I was very sad and cried, but dared not protest against them because they were my parents.

2. In 1975 my family was ordered by the Khmer Rouge to leave Phnom Penh. All of my family went to Koh Thom district of Kandal province and lived there for two or three months. Then the government of the Khmer Rouge declared that people who had worked had to start working at the same position again. My parents and siblings felt very happy that they could return to our home.
In the same year, my family reentered Phnom Penh. My father was an electrical engineer. Organization of Khmer Rouge said that they would help teach the illiterate people.
Khmer Rouge sent my parents and siblings on a truck to Phnom Penh. My elder brother and me were sent to Pursat province, the place in Cambodia where many were massacred. My family was separated, without anyone knowing who was alive or dead.

3. In 1976-77, my elder brother and me were put in a separate mobile group in Bakan Krom district next to Tonle Sap lake of Pursat province. They forced us to work without enough food daily. We worked from 16 to 20 hours a day and only received two tiny bowls of watery rice porridge, sometimes less. People were killed everyday. At that time I was very thirsty and so my brother stole palm water for me. Later, militants captured my brother and killed him by beheading him, cutting his liver and heart out so they could eat it. Before they killed him they accused my brother as a betrayer. They said, “You are the foe of our organization, you are to be executed by the organization. Keeping you is not profitable and putting you away is not a loss.”
The people who killed my brother were no older than 16 years old. They were brainwashed by the Khmer Rouge.
Later, I was so hungry I decided to steal corn to eat it. It tasted sweet and I felt relieved from tiredness. Then, the militants captured me and took me to a place about 6 km away from where they killed my brother and where there was a thick forest with a lot of graves. They tied 10 people including myself with a rope to kill us there. I was the first person to be killed. When they took the axe to hit my head I fell into a pit. They hit me about 10 or 11 pm, and only sounds of frogs, crickets, and owls could be heard. Before they killed me, I prayed to God to save me, and then I was hit and pushed in the pit. I miraculously didn’t die. During the night it rained heavily and I regained consciousness and saw many dead bodies all over and around me. The blood soaked my black dress. Later, I crept up from the pit. I escaped and went to live in another village. In the morning, they went to check the dead bodies that they killed the previous night. When they realized there were only 9 bodies, they searched from village to village within the commune. At that time, a village chief took pity on me and hid me. He hid me while they look for me in the villages. I prayed to God again to help me. That village chief took me to hide in a quiet place without anyone knowing.

4. In 1978-79 the Khmer Rouge fought with Vietnam. At that time, many people and I were gathered by the Khmer Rouge to climb a mountain. If we did not follow them, they would kill us. They said that if anyone entered the village, we would be tortured and killed. I was very afraid. Later, there was a serious battle and I was ordered to carry cooked rice and ammunition to the battlefield. While I was carrying it a bullet hit me in the chest and I lost consciousness. Later, the Vietnam army defeated the Khmer Rouge and the Khmer Rouge fled into the jungle. The Vietnamese saved me and treated me for my wounds, but the bullet could not be removed, even to this day.

5. In 1979, the Cambodian Army and Vietnam defeated the Khmer Rouge. Then, the top leaders declared over the radio that all patriots had to drop arms and participate with the government and so they granted amnesty to all Khmer Rouge soldiers.
I was happy to be able to be reunited with my family, but found out that my parents and brothers and sisters had all been murdered in Toul Sleng Prison in Phnom Penh. I did not believe this was true until I went to the prison and saw their pictures on the walls. Others tried to comfort me by telling me that I should stop crying because many other people were in the same situation as me.

6. In 1979-86, my life seemed more hopeless and I wanted to die. In 1986, I heard a radio broadcast from the Philippines called the “Voice of Love.” I heard about the good news of Christ. I understood and believed that God’s salvation is through Christ.
Later, my life became very happy, just like in John 1:12, “but as many as received him, to them He gave the right to become children of God to those who believe in His name” and God accepted me as His daughter. He removed my tears and sadness. My life changed and now whatever I face I can face with hope.
Now I serve God with my life. I live for him and tell the truth of His gospel. I must continue to fulfill my duty to him and to sacrifice my life for Him. I have already passed from this world. AMEN!


Van You Dany

A Language Miracle

When I asked the man how long he had worked there, he answered by telling me in very broken English where he was from. After spending a few minutes trying to find out from him who would be our translator, he finally understood what I was asking and with a big smile on his face he said, “Me, I translate!”
As soon as I heard that he would be our translator, I knew there had to be a mistake, so I waited until the director came knowing that he would know who would really translate for us. When he arrived and told us that there was no one else, I panicked and started making phone calls to find anyone whocould translate for us for that week. With no options, we got in the vehicle to go to the seminar. Mitch and I prayed most of the way, not knowing what would happen, and wondering what to do. I was thinking it might be best to just let the translator teach the whole week since he was a gifted teacher himself and it would be better for him to teach than for a terrible translation of what we were going to share. We prayed and prayed and I was confident that we were supposed to go ahead with the seminar. The Lord had brought us there though I didn’t understand why.

The next morning as I stood up to begin teaching at the seminar I fully expected it to be a disaster. I said my opening and was stunned when the translator quickly translated everything I said. I continued to speak and became more and more confused as he didn’t miss a beat, translating every word. I assumed he had to be making it up but there was a man in the front row who spoke perfect English and would correct the translator every time he made a mistake. The entire day he only had to correct the translator about six or seven times! Mitch and I were totally blown away and couldn’t believe what we were witnessing, a miracle was happening in our midst!

Afterwards we went up to him and his partner and asked them, “What just happened?” They told us that he had been up all night asking God to show him how to understand us. When we said it was a miracle, They responded by saying, “James, in our ministry we expect the Holy Sprit to work, It’s no

t that big of a deal!” Most of this was said by the translator’s partner because his English was not good enough to tell us all that!

“It’s not that big of a deal!” How humbling is that? God just supernaturally enabled him to translate perfectly while we were teaching and he just stays “we expect the Holy Spirit to work.” We were supposed to be the teachers, but ended up being the students.

Right now this translator who understood perfectly every word coming out of our mouths while we were teaching, could not have a simple conversation with us because he does not understand English very well. Yet the Lord opened his ears during the seminar when it was needed. God is SO good!