A Letter From a Ugandan Pastor

I just got this letter from Bosco, my closest friend in Uganda. He has been serving the Lord for many years training pastors in remote areas and I have worked with him the last 3 years. Last year one of my supporters paid for him to attend the Bible School in Jinja that I was teaching on. His fire & passion are contagious and he now wants to take the training he has received to continue to train up more pastors with greater effectiveness. Here is his response when I asked him how the school was going.

“Hi James
You were asking how the school was and whether I was still learning as before.
This is my idea of what am gettinng out of this school, It is a major land mark in my life, a bench mark that only God could account for. It has encouraged, challenged amd inspired me. My only question is how am I going to pay God and ofcourse you for this great previledge. DEUTERONOMY has blown my head off, It has left me wondering just how great a gift God has given unto us in the name of THE BIBLE and this Bible School. It reminded me of this saying IT DEPENDS IN WHOSE HAND IT IS. Like for instance:
A stick in my hand can only chase an hungry dog away while a stick in Moses’ hand parts the mighty red sea. Do you see what am talking about?
A pebble in my sling can only kill a weaver bird while a pebble in David’s sling kills the mighty Goliath. So you see it depends in whose hand it is.
I am praying that a bible in my hand from now on will TURN MY LIFE and THE WORLD around me UPSIDE DOWN. Hopefully you are going to be part of this big dream.
You know am realising that am just going through an introduction to the Bible. I will need to start a Bible School for pastors when I get back home.
Thank you
Please forgive my passion.

To see a video of Bosco leading worship in his home refugee camp, click here and press the play button in the bottom left-hand corner.

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