Training Trainers

You can click on my blog to read the full article, or click on this link to hear one of my teammates talk more about the week. But this week was AMAZING!!! Here are some pictures from the week as well as a video of the pastors worshipping.

This was the group of men and women who were trainined up to multiply this ministry!

Click on the picture to download a short video of them worshipping as we came back from break. We got to share this with them after every break. Such a joy!







2 of the pastors color-coding their Bibles. I loved the way they got so excited about marking in their Bibles. They would sit next to each other and share the pens from the hand of the one pastor holding them up as they marked their NIV Study Bibles with great care.

While others were teaching the Overview of Inductive Bible Studies, the rest were outside preparing to teach the book of Jonah.

Pastors busy studying away.

Pastor Mandella was one of our favorite students. So passionate, yet so gentle when teaching. This is him teaching an overview of the Inductive method, showing Interpretation is not about what it means to me.

Pastor Gabriel teaching the step of Appliation and the need to see tranformation in our lives when we study. I have never heard so many “Amen’s” when anyone has taught the method before!

Collins teaching the step of Interpretation through the book of Jonah during the practice seminar.

Here’s Collins holding his visuals from his teaching. He has a mirror from home to show James 1:22-25 (the word of God is a mirror), He has a calendar in his hand with picture of Jesus and many sheep that he used to ask people to observe how many sheep they could see by only look at it one time (the need to look at the text more than one time), he has a large paper where he has written out each step of Bible study and all the potential questions we can ask in each step with great detail, at his feet is the cassette player (used to show that we can’t put a tape in and only decide which parts of the Bible we want to listen to, but must listen to what God says like listening to the radio), and then a bag on the ground filled with letters that he used to share a story that he adapted from our own story called “Katie” where he shared of an orphanage in Zambia where a boy was written many letters by his father but never learned how to read so couldn’t read the bag full of letters. He BLEW me away.



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