The Gift of Bible School

It is exciting to be able to go to remote parts of the globe and bring Biblical training to pastors who don’t have access to it, but we recently have been given the opportunity to see some of the pastors come out of their homes and receive intensive training in the School of Biblical Studies.

Last year while teaching in the Sudanese Refugee camps we were often looking around wishing to help some of the pastors receive the kind of Biblical education we received. There were two pastors in particular that stood out to our team: William & Paul. (If you remember from my newsletters last year, I spoke about two pastors who said they were so touched by our teaching and even wanted to see their own daughters raised up as teachers, that was these two men. They then worked to bring the churches in the area together.) When I was at the Bible School in Uganda last year I found out the cost of sending pastors there and since then have been praying for theopportunity to help at least one of these pastors attend that school. Well, God was working on their behalf! This Fall, thanks to a generous donation given to Titus Project, we will be able to completely sponsor both men to attend the nine month School of Biblical Studies. What makes this even more exciting is that the team I am taking to Uganda this year will be able to teach on the school for the last two weeks of our outreach and once the team goes home, I will be staying on in Uganda teaching at the Bible school for another two months. I am so excited to be able to go back and work with these two awesome men of God!

Also, Rady (the Cambodian leader I spoke about in my last couple newsletters – who after translating for one of our seminars in Cambodiawanted to do this Bible school here in Montana) has arrived to do the School of Biblical Studies in Montana. It is a miracle that he was able to get a visa in time and raise finances, etc.

I can’t express how awesome it is to see some of the long-term fruit of our ministry carrying on after we leave the villages. All three of these men of God will leave their Bible schools in nine months and return to their homelands equipped to train others. It literally brings me to tears just thinking about how awesome this is! God is SO good!

Please be praying for these three men as the next year is going to be a very challenging time for them as they return to school and study the Bible in a second language away from their families & churches.

PICTURES: left: Pastor Paul; right: Pastor William; below: Rady & I teaching in Cambodia

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